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Electric Car Ford Focus RS (Yellow) Soft EVA Wheels / Leather seat (painted)

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Ford Focus RS - Soft wheels with soft seat, remote control.

Color: Yellow
Remote control 2.4G


The vehicle can be controlled either by a remote control (by the parent) or the child can do it alone while sitting in the car. You can use the remote control to drive back and forth and turn right and left.

The vehicle is generally designed for outdoor use, but its ergonomic design facilitates its use in larger spaces, such as a patio or living room. Ideal for children from 3 years.



Engine: 2x45W
Battery: 2x6V4.5Ah
Gears: 2 gears (forward / reverse) with automatic speed increase
Dimensions: 110cm x 57cm x 50cm
Max. Speed: 3-6km / h
Empty weight: 22kg
Max. load: 35kg
Charging time: 8 hours
Duration of use: up to 1-2 hours


Seat belts: ✓
Opening door: ✓
Pedal: ✓
Seat: leather seat
Wheels: Soft EVA wheels
Remote control: 2.4G
Lights: Headlights, Dashboard LEDs
Audio: USB, SD card, MP3 AUX
Multifunction steering wheel
Execution with the key

Simple English instructions are provided with this kit to assemble the car.

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