HELDRON OÜ suggest!

* TRABIFLEX OÜ - hydraulics and fasteners!

* Maja ja Maa ekspert OÜ - repair and construction work!


About us

Heldron OÜ is a company that imports and sells different machinery. We work with different manufacturers in the European Union and elsewhere. The goods are delivered to the customer through parcel machines or courier services (Omniva, DPD, Venipak, etc.).


In our product range you will find:

Battery banks
Memory cards
Solar powered devices
Mobile Phones and Related
Security cameras / kits
Electric cars for children
Memory sticks
LED lighting fixtures

and many more interesting things.

  Electronics for all ages! We import both affordable electronics that kids can play with and more expensive professional electronics that professionals can do their jobs with. We import both standard equipment and special equipment for different jobs. If you have a specific idea / request, email us at info@heldron.com and we will try to find the product that suits you.



Directly from manufacturers in Europe and abroad, can be delivered to dealers!