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Pushcar Mercedes 6x6 (black)

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Mercedes 6x6 pushcar

* Licensed by the Mercedes-Benz Group.

Color: black

* The child controls the ride independently, sitting behind the wheel and pushing himself with his feet.

* The parent pushes the car using the handle.

* The vehicle is generally designed for outdoor use, but its ergonomic design favors and allows it to be used in larger spaces, such as a terrace or living room.

* Ideal for children from 1 year of age.

* The child can play different sounds from the steering wheel.

The toy car is a great proposal for all parents who prefer both the high quality of the object and the realistic and innovative design of the toy.

The ride is for all children who can sit on their own. The car is marked with a CE certificate, which ensures the safe use of the toy.

Dimensions: 81 cm x 37 cm x 89 cm

Packaging dimensions: 80 x 33 x 31 cm

Weight with packaging: 10 kg

Maximum load 30 kg

Batteries not included!


NB! For an additional fee, we also offer our assembly of the car. If you want our assembly, you have to pick up the car yourself. THE ASSEMBLED CAR WILL NOT BE SHIPPED BY COURIER! Assembly takes place with at least 1 working day notice and on the basis of advance payment! Assembly costs 10 euros (incl. VAT) which is paid on receipt of the car on site (our assembly must be noted in the comments when ordering!)

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