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Running bike P8 (yellow) 4in1

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Running bike/Balance bike P8 4in1


Color: yellow


*Multifunctional balance exerciser for children

*With extra pedals and extendable rear wheels

*Durable EVA foam wheels

*Soft ergonomic saddle



equilibrium mover
pedal bicycle
tricycle with pedals
tricycle without pedals

You decide whether to mount the pedal and how to mount the rear wheels. You assemble the elements that you want and that you think are suitable for your child!

The vehicle is intended for outdoor use, but its ergonomic design is affordable and allows it to be used in larger spaces such as a terrace or living room.

Recommended user age: 1.5-4(5) years.

The treadmill is set in motion by pushing with the feet. Brakes with the feet.



*EVA foam wheels - reliable on any terrain, cannot be punctured, no need to pump
*Soft ergonomic seat - comfort for your child
*Rubber handles for the hands - soft, comfortable and non-slip,
*Safe movable handlebar (can be tilted forward or towards the bike)
*Adjustable seat height - the bike grows with the child
*Added pedals (easily removable)
*front - pedal holders

Technical details:

bicycle length: 69 cm
height (steering wheel height): about 50 cm
minimum height (seat height): approx. 29.5 cm
maximum height (seat height): about 33 cm
diameter of rear wheels: about 14 cm
front wheel diameter: approx. 20 cm
seat length: approx. 23 cm
seat width at the widest point: about 11 cm
weight: 3.1/3.5 kg
maximum load up to 25 kg


Adjustable saddle height. Movable steering wheel.

Added pedals

Extendable wheels

Function of balance wheel, tricycle and bicycle

The steering wheel has a fixed height. You can change its angle forward and backward

Three in one: baby development, skill development and fun

- Using a bicycle requires careful care and supervision by an adult every time.


The toy has a CE certificate of conformity.

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