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COVID-19 and emergency situation in HELDRON OÜ work organization!


Dear costumer!


In connection with the state of emergency declared in the Republic of Estonia and the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we would like to inform you about changes in the daily work organization of HELDRON OÜ.

We will continue to provide all services, but until the emergency is resolved, we will continue to monitor the safety of our staff and our customers, and our top priority is everyone's health.

From 25.03.2020 we are closing the doors of our goods delivery point (Kivipere tn 4, Tallinn), but we offer the possibility of "contactless" service.

* All orders must be submitted to our email info@heldron.com
* We strongly recommend that you choose a courier or parcel service for transportation!
However, if you only need to pick up the goods yourself, you need to make an appointment in advance by phone: +3756819981 (Mon-Fri 10 am - 6 pm)

* Due to special circumstances, opening hours of HELDRON OÜ warehouse are subject to change without notice!

Additional information:
+37256819981 / info@heldron.com

Be healthy!
With respect,