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Which drone to buy?


This article was published by Postimees Tehnika (https://tehnika.postimees.ee/4388681/milline-droon-osta) January 26, 2018, 2:42 pm

PHOTO: shutterstock.com

Drones have been gaining popularity lately and there may have been lucky ones to find some of these in their gift bags this past weekend. However, there are certainly many who still have plans to buy a drone, but do not yet know exactly what to choose or what to watch for when buying a drone. Hopefully the following is helpful in this regard, writes Mart Laanemägi of Digitark, a technology portal.

First of all, of course, one has to think about what the drone will be used for. If it is a good idea to get the first device of this kind and have the initial desire to have fun and do some flying tests, then a cheaper and simpler device will definitely fit. However, those who want to use the drone more seriously and produce a decent video image, unfortunately, have to pay more. So let's look at a few different types of drones now.


The simplest and most economical aircraft in their price range are around a hundred euros and, conditionally, they could also be called toys.

They are small in size and relatively low in power, in other words slow and do not fly very high. This also makes them relatively safe and quiet, so that in some cases they can be flown even indoors. Their flight time is also short, typically less than 10 minutes before the small battery runs out and requires extra power. Typically, such drones are controlled by a smartphone or tablet using the appropriate app, although there are models that come with a simple-to-use remote control. The camera is sometimes found on such drones, but it has a rather poor image, and the drone's internal memory is also small, so many and good pictures cannot be taken. But this is not the purpose of these devices either. It's more like having fun and just playing and learning to fly.

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So, for the first experience, this type of device is pretty fun and good, even if the damage isn't too great in the event of a break. But one beginner will sooner or later, unfortunately, fail.


Larger but slightly more expensive devices will come next. They range in price from a few hundred to about five hundred euros.

They are already bigger in size and offer more of a real drone feel. This is because their flight distance and flight speed, as well as the sound they make when flying, are significantly greater than the drones in the previous group. In addition, their cameras are already considerably better, depending on the device, and provide quite good video in good conditions. You can also insert a memory card. Many drones in this class already have the ability to hold themselves to a certain height and have the ability to maneuver fairly well in a skilled pilot. Many devices also come with optional batteries and impellers, additional features that may be of great help in certain circumstances.

So if you do not want to buy an expensive device but do not want a real toy, you should look at that price range. A beginner can certainly practice his hand and it becomes clear whether flying a drone is something for him or not.

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