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Scooter H2 (blue) - with Led wheels - GRAPHITE

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Scooter / balance mover H2



*Sporty children's balance scooter, three-wheeled

*Brake, luminous LED rubber wheels

*STRONG construction - MAX LOAD up to 50 KG!!!!
*GRAFITI PATTERN - realized in WATERPRINT technique!

*Recommended age 2-7 years.

*LEDs come on when driving.

Three-wheel balance scooter - two wheels at the front and one at the back. The two wheels in front ensure the stability of the scooter, and thanks to the fender of the rear wheel, the child brakes.

The child steers the scooter according to balance - i.e. uses the body and the steering wheel and at the same time pushes off with the foot.

Anti-slip ELEMENTS - the scooter's safe design ensures safe and stable use of the scooter.

REINFORCED BRAKE - the fender above the rear wheel is a brake, you can brake the scooter by pressing it.


Vehicle equipment:

luminous front wheels,
rubber wheels,
double rear wheel,
reinforced foot brake,
wheel bearings,
adjustable steering wheel (4 levels),
removable steering wheel (e.g. for transport),
non-slip handlebar grips,
raised pattern on the board (anti-slip element),
made in the watermark technique (pattern printing method),


Other information:

maximum load: 50 kg
Recommended service life 2-7 years

Technical data of the vehicle:

scooter length: 57 cm,
scooter height: 61-80 cm (4 steps),
diameter of front wheels: 12 cm,
rear wheel diameter 7.5 cm,
Board dimensions: 33 cm x 13 cm,
handlebar width about 25 cm,
Width of the handle (handle): about 11.5 cm,
vehicle weight: 2.4/2.6 kg,
maximum load up to 50 kg,
one person vehicle,
the wheels are rubber,
The steering wheel is aluminum,
the plate is plastic,


*The peculiarity of balance scooters is the inability to turn the front wheels using the steering wheel. Turns are done by balancing the body.

*When transporting the scooter, the handlebars can be unscrewed - then it takes up very little space in transport or luggage.

*The use of the toy requires the careful care and supervision of an adult.

*The toy has a CE conformity certificate.

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