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Running bike R3 12" (green/black) - air tires

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Running bike/Balance bike R6 12"


Color: green/black


*Durable EVA foam wheels (colored)

*The bike has a clock and a brake - you can install them or not depending on your wishes.

*Soft ergonomic saddle

The treadmill is set in motion by pushing with the feet. Brakes with the feet.

The design of the bike without pedals allows the child to quickly learn the basics of riding a bike, which is maintaining balance and balancing the body.

The vehicle is intended for outdoor use, but its ergonomic design is affordable and allows it to be used in larger spaces such as a terrace or living room.

Recommended user age: 2-6 years.



*Colorful EVA foam wheels - reliable on any terrain
*Soft ergonomic seat - comfort for your child
*Bike clock
*Brake - necessary when driving on uneven terrain
*Light steel frame
*Wheel bearings
*Handles - soft and comfortable, non-slip
*Secure steering wheel - no swivel lock
*Adjustable saddle and handlebar height - the bike grows with the child

Technical details:

wheel length: 85 cm
minimum height (steering wheel height): about 51 cm
maximum height (steering wheel height): approx. 58 cm
minimum height (seat height): about 31 cm
maximum height (seat height): about 38 cm
steering wheel width: 40 cm
wheel diameter: 12 inches (28 cm)
wheel width: about 4 cm
seat length: about 20 cm
seat width at the widest point: approx. 13.5 cm
weight: 2.6/3.2 kg
maximum load up to 35 kg


- The manufacturer declares the vehicle for children over 3 years old, but if the child can sit independently, there are no obstacles to using it under the supervision of an adult.

- Installation of brakes is optional. The brake is installed when the child is ready. If the child is just starting to learn to ride a balance bike, it is better to postpone the assembly of the brake until later. The brake distracts the child from learning balance. A child starting to ride a balance bike brakes safely with his feet. The handbrake becomes indispensable if the child drives fast or likes to go down the hill.

- Using a bicycle requires careful care and supervision by an adult every time.


The toy has a CE certificate of conformity.

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