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Children's electric excavator/tractor (red) C2 + trailer (length with trailer 160cm)

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Children's electric excavator/tractor C2 + trailer (length with trailer 160cm)

*battery powered and with trailer
*red color
*music + signal + MP3 socket

The child drives the vehicle independently while sitting behind the wheel. The vehicle is generally intended for outdoor use, but its ergonomic design is affordable and allows it to be used in larger spaces such as a terrace or living room. Do not leave in direct rain or snow. Recommended user age 1.5-5 years.

*Child-controlled music.
*Lighting front and center lights (next to the steering wheel)

Tractor equipment:
Power switch (under the seat)
Volume control
Multimedia music panel
MP3 and USB socket
1 battery 6V7Ah
Charger (input 220-230 V)
Battery charge indicator
Music and signal on the steering wheel
Headlights and LED center lights (beside the steering wheel)
Change direction button
Shock absorbers on the rear wheels
2 gears: forward, reverse
Built-in plastic wheel straps
A soft insert built into the saddle
gas pedal,

Technical specifications:
Length of vehicle with trailer: 160 cm
Tractor length: 86 cm
Tractor width: 54 cm
Dimensions of the trailer (without wheels): approx. 47 x 65 cm
Vehicle height (to steering wheel): 53 cm
1 battery (rechargeable) 6V 7ah
2 motors with a power of 30 W, both
Vehicle speed: 5-6 km/h
Vehicle weight: 13.5/15.5 kg
Average driving time: 1.5 hours
Rear wheel drive
Rear wheel diameter: 27 cm
The diameter of the trailer's front wheels and wheels is 22.5 cm
Tractor clearance (distance from the chassis to the ground): approx. 11 cm

Maximum load up to 30 kg
one child vehicle
The seat is made of plastic with a built-in soft insert
The wheels are plastic

*The tractor does not have a remote control or an installation that allows its use.
*The child uses the tractor with or without a trailer.
*Removing/installing the trailer requires an adult. The child cannot disassemble/assemble the trailer by himself.

Comes with simple instructions in English.